Mahmoud ElfikyAssociate Professor of Pediatric Surgery

Greater Cairo
Associate Professor


/Dr Mahmoud ElFiky

Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Cairo University

أستاذ مساعد جراحة الأطفال بجامعة القاهرة

Consultant of Pediatric Surgery at As Salam Hospitals, Air Force Hospital, Andalusia Group Hospitals

استشاري جراحة الأطفال في مستشفيات السلام ومستشفى القوات الجوية ومستشفيات مجموعة الأندلس

International Affairs Coordinator at Cairo University

منسق الشؤون الدولية بجامعة القاهرة

Harvard Medical School graduate of Global Clinical Scholars Training Program

خريج كلية الطب بجامعة هارفارد من برنامج تدريب العلماء للبحث العلمي العالمي

Secretary for Harvard Club of Egypt

سكرتير تنفيذي لجمعية خريجي جامعة هارفارد مصر

Administrative Secretary for IPEG Middle East Chapter and co-chair for IT

سكرتير تنفيذي لجمعية جراحة الاطفال التداخلية العالمية بالوطن العربي و رئيس لجنة التكنولوجيا

WOFAPS webmaster and executive board member.

عضو تنفيذي بفيدرالية جمعيات جراحات الاطفال الدولية


/Clinical & Research

Besides the Clinical Practice and Research, over the years, Dr. Mahmoud has helped establishing multiple information technology modules for several institutes including REDCap & clinical trials registration for research, Moodle for MOOC, EMR, social media for communication and images archiving.

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إلى جانب الممارسة والبحوث العلمية ، ساعد الدكتور محمود على مر السنين على إنشاء العديد من وحدات تكنولوجيا المعلومات للعديد من المعاهد بما في ذلك و انشاء وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية للاتصال وأرشفة الصور.


Clinical experience in Pediatric Surgery with Subspecialties in Neonatal Surgeries & Emergencies , Pediatric Oncosurgery , Plastic Pediatric Surgery including Burns Surgery & Laparoscopic Procedures in Children.


After graduating from Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Training Program, Dr Mahmoud has shared in at least 6 international projects that yielded 13 publications up to date including 3 in the Lancet.


Establishing multiple information technology modules for faculty of medicine including REDCap & clinical trials registration for research, Moodle for MOOC, EMR, social media for communication and images archiving.


13years of experience
8international organizations
9international publications




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I had the honor of teaching Mahmoud in the year-long Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Research Training (GCSRT) Program. Mahmoud proved himself to be a terrific learner who performed at a high level during the program. He now has the requisite skills and experience to design, implement and analyze high level clinical research projects.
Kenneth B. Christopher, Faculty Director for Global Education, Harvard Medical School
Mahmoud is an enthusiastic pediatric surgeon with a very good knowledge in IT and computer skills, he incorporates both to the welfare of his patients and for the progress of research and collaboration in many international organizations. WOFAPS and IPEG are just examples.
Sameh Shehata, WOFAPS President and Professor of Pediatric Surgery
A Bright and motivated person. Dr Fiky has lots of potential and positive prospect as a pediatric surgeon.
Khaled Bahaaeldin, Director at Cairo University Surgical Neonatal ICU and Professor of Pediatric Surgery


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    2019 Nov 4
    Dr Mahmoud Elfiky receiving the "Research Publications Accomplishment Award for 2018"

    Cairo University Research Publications Accomplishment Award for 2018

    Dr Mahmoud Elfiky received the "Research Publications Accomplishment Award for 2018" from Cairo University President & Administration for all the clinical research publications in 2018 that helped increased University ranking.…

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    Mahmoud Elfiky Award

    Cairo University Award

    Receiving Cairo University Award for Research in 2017. Award ceremony at Cairo University, presented by the President, Vice Presidents and Dean.

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    2018 Sep 5
    2018 Jun 9
    Mahmoud Elfiky harvard university

    Harvard Medical School Graduation

    Dr. Mahmoud Elfiky graduated from Harvard Medical School after finishing the GCSRT hybrid program in June 2018 from Boston, MA. The program is a blended-learning approach for one year that…

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