Global Clinical Scholars Research Training


The Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Research Training (GCSRT) Program provides clinicians and clinician-scientists advanced training in the methods and conduct of clinical research. The blended-learning approach of this one-year program enables clinician scientists from around the world to participate.

Dr Mahmoud joined The 2017/2018 program and graduated in June 2018 in Boston, MA and was granted a Certificate of Completion and is an eligible member of Harvard University Alumni Association.

During this year, the blended-learning approach combined the traditional face-to-face teaching methods of three workshops and recorded online lectures supported by interactive webinars, to form an integrated instructional approach. The program emphasizes team-based learning with scholars working together in teams to collaborate, discuss, and problem solve while also learning from each other – a method that leads to a deeper and more enduring understanding of topics.

The program curriculum consists of a concentration (Advanced Epidemiology or Clinical Trials), and a choice of one of three electives (Drug Development, Secondary Analysis, or Survey Design).